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In this 7 module program you will learn how to get 5-10 HOURS A WEEK OF YOUR LIFE BACK so you can have Fun  with your family, friends and some "Me" time too!

You will accomplish this by being more efficient with documentation without changing your EMR!

The modules are videos that have been pre-recorded and you have lifetime access to them so you can go at your own pace. The program includes Powerpoints and download forms.

What you'll get:

All of the video content listed below

PLUS access to the private facebook group with additional valuable content such as case studies and a helpful community who have been right where you are. They will give you  encouragement and support.

Module 1: Mindset, Expectations, and the Path to Freedom

  • The 80/20 – rule
  • The Truth About Documentation- reality what really matters 
  • Fears That Keep You Stuck 
  • The Step-By Step Path to Documentation Freedom
  • Time management

 Module 2: What defines Effective Documentation 

  • What We’ve Been Taught 
  • What Insurance Companies Actually Care About 

Module 3: Evaluation Documentation Process - structure and principles

  • Intakes
  • Eval Process
  • 15 min Write up Process
  • 1st After Visit – Educating the Parent on Evaluation Results

 Module 4: Session Note Documentation Process - structure and principles

  • 7 Key Components
  • Tools/Format
  • Words to show skilled care
  • Do’s/Don’ts

 Module 5: Re-Evals/Progress Notes- structure and principles

  • Testing
  • How to write up re-evals quickly

 Module 6: Discharge Documentation Process- structure - principles

  • Testing
  • How to write up Discharges quickly

 Module 7: What To Do If You Are Denied Medical Necessity

  • Appeals
  • Peer Reviews
  • How to hold insurance companies accountable

 Who this is for:

This course is perfect for Pediatric Occupational Therapists from New grads to 30+ years of experience who want to focus more on helping kids and not so much time documenting it. This is for therapists who value their personal time and want to have more FUN!

Who it is not for:

This is not for therapists who are comfortable spending a lot of time documenting. It is not for therapists who are not willing to learn something new to drastically change life and status quo is OK.

What about SLP and PT? 

All examples in this course are Pediatric OT. However, PTs and SLPs are welcome to take the course and apply the principles to their disciplines. 

Certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course which may or may not apply to your state requirements.

What People Are Saying:

DocuFast is PURE GOLD! It's a fantastic program!! There is nothing else out there like it and it has completely changed my practice. I have been searching for a course like this for years and it has not existed until now. What I love about it is how practical it is. Mary takes you step by step through the exact process and has a form ready for everything. From intake through discharge. Everything else I have found regarding documentation has been vague and in the end not helpful. Mary is specific and literally leads you through the entire process AND gives you access to all of it. Truly amazing. I wish this would have been available to me years ago! I have wasted so much time! This is going to help me save time and I will no longer be wondering is what I am doing is "enough" or "right."

Erin Jackowski

Thank you so much Mary! This is priceless! I am so glad I signed up for your program...I will look forward to more jewels from you

Holly Charlton

You always have such efficient and practical ideas. You are brilliant!

Mary Fuhr

So many great ideas! Yes, everyone in my clinic should watch it!

Linda Zimmerman

I have never felt more connected to others. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

Erin Treiber

You have restored my belief in our profession, I was really worried we had lost our way. I'm in private practice in CA

Judy Crosariol